Marketspace: Opening Public Spaces

The City of Healdsburg has been actively engaging our business community to assist you in managing through the coronavirus pandemic as we safely move toward a more business-friendly phase. Healdsburg business owners, including retail, restaurant, tasting rooms, art galleries, hotels, and more have been providing valuable input on the concept of opening sidewalks, streets, alleyways, parking stalls, parks and other public places to enhance social distancing for the benefit local business. Here you will find updated resources for our new Marketspace program that relates to opening public space in Healdsburg to help local business thrive during and post COVID-19.

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Stay Well, Healdsburg

With the most recent revisions in the health orders, many businesses have been allowed to reopen. This reopening also comes with enhanced requirements for the use of facial coverings and maintaining social distancing. The City has deployed signage throughout the downtown area to help remind people of the requirements. You can download English and Spanish version of the signs for printing by clicking on the image to the left. Stay well, Healdsburg!

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Temporary Outdoors Activity Permit

On Monday, June 1, 2020, Healdsburg City Council adopted Resolution 64-2020 authorizing the City Manager to issue temporary Outdoor Activities Permits that allow Healdsburg businesses to utilize portions of public spaces in commercial districts. This action was done to provide additional outdoor space for business operation and physical distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Healdsburg business owners, including retail, restaurant, tasting rooms, art galleries, hotels, and so forth can now apply to make use of public space using the Temporary Outdoor Activities Permit Application. Public spaces include, but is not limited to, sidewalks, alleyways, parking stalls, parks and public facilities including the Villa Chanticleer.

Submit application: 


Matt Milde, Permit Coordinator at

Drink up the street

CA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

The COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization is intended to assist qualified hospitality businesses with reopening in a manner that is consistent with local and state health and safety directives. This specifically includes temporarily expanding the licensed area of a qualified business to accommodate patrons while abiding by social distancing guidelines and directives. Any licensee with on-sale retail privileges may qualify for a COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization.
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Temporary Changes to Consumption of Alcohol Regulations in the Downtown Area

As part of the City’s efforts to support our local businesses and in conjunction with Alcoholic Beverage Control’s new catering authorization, City Council has waived sections of Healdsburg’s Municipal Code to temporarily allow consumption of alcohol in the downtown area on sidewalks and parking spaces (called parklets) for businesses that have been permitted to expand their operations under the City’s new Marketspace program. In addition, City Council’s action also allows the consumption of alcohol in the Plaza and West Plaza parks during regular park hours. Both of these actions are temporary through January 31, 2021. Carrying an open container on streets and sidewalks outside of these two allowances continues to be prohibited. You can download a printable flyer of the new regulations in English and Spanish. More information on this decision can be found in City Council Resolution 75-2020.

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Sonoma County Health Order C19-15 

The Sonoma County Health Officer has released Health Order C19-15 to allow the operation of gyms, fitness centers, hotels/inns, personal care services like spas and nail salons, casinos, museums and galleries, and others. The order warns that "the virus is not contained" and requires some new things of all businesses that are open:

Follow masking and other safety requirements strictly. A statewide order takes effect today that us all to have facial coverings generally when we are indoors in public settings and outdoors when we cannot otherwise social distance.  This is a strict order, which you can read here.  Dr. Mase put it this way this morning (and we paraphrase):  As shelter in place is adjusted and loosened, its value gets replaced by strong mitigation measures, like masking + social distancing.

The City and Chamber co-wrote a piece on masking, which is here. Studies are showing that masks + social distancing work.  If we in Healdsburg want to avoid an outbreak that closes a business, our businesses (and the City and in our public spaces) need to be consistent about the mask requirement.  It is on all of us to comply.   

All establishments must comply with Social Distancing and Hygiene Requirements, Face Covering Requirements, and local and state orders and guidance applicable to their industry found here.

Health Order, C19-15, includes a revised Appendix A business planning document. This document must be completed, reviewed with all employees, and posted at your facility.  

All businesses must complete a self-certification process through the Economic Development Board.  The on-line form can be found here.  

Below you'll find a guidance document and checklist for the implementation of outdoor dining. If your facility does not currently possess a valid retail food facility permit which allows your facility to prepare and serve food to the public, please contact Environmental Health for guidance. Food Facilities that wish to change their menu should contact Environmental Health to determine if there are any additional permitting requirements specific to their food facility.

Large group events (indoors or outdoors), athletic competitions between teams, sports with audiences, live theater, and a few others are not permitted under this order. 

If you should have any questions or need further information, please email Environmental Health or call 707-565-6565. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Sonoma County Economic Development Board

Sample Open Street, Parklets, and Sidewalk Sales

If you have any questions regarding the Marketspace program, please contact Recreation Supervisor, Matt Milde