Why has the City placed Measure L on the ballot?

The City has identified public parks as a priority for further investment. Current City plans include redevelopment of Badger Park with expanded public access to the Russian River, and development of a new 36-acre park at the north end of town. In preparing a financing plan for these projects, the City identified TOT funds as a promising source for funding these major park improvements. Measure L proposes to clarify the City’s TOT ordinance, allowing the City to use TOT funds to finance the redevelopment of existing parks and facilities as well as construction of new parks and facilities and future affordable housing projects.

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1. What is Measure L?
2. What is the actual question on the November ballot that voters will be asked to decide?
3. Why has the City placed Measure L on the ballot?
4. What is a Transient Occupancy Tax?
5. What is the City's TOT history? How are TOT funds used?
6. What specifically would Measure L do for Healdsburg parks?
7. Who is eligible to vote?
8. What is needed for Measure L to pass?
9. What happens if Measure L doesn't pass?
10. How long will Measure L last?
11. Where can I go for more information?